Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Re: Bibi Netanyahu and the blockade

The world (excluding FOX news, of course) seems to agree that Israel kind of screwed itself by intercepting those blockade runners in a manner that might be considered a bit too aggressive. Whatever the facts are, however, Netanyahu comes out ahead.

Likud does best when Israelis feel most threatened. Whip up a batch of anti-Israeli rhetoric in the world media, and Israelis cling to their political party of war and antagonistic attitude like nettles to a wool sock. Bibi wins again.

In today's Times, Amos Oz lays out a road to peace — but it is not a road compatible with Likud domination of the Knesset. The right, in Israel every bit as much as in the United States, depends on fear to stay in power.

In the meanwhile, fear leaves the Obama administration virtually helpless. Can we afford to antagonize the Turks? The Jews? The Europeans? The fucking Republicans?

Maybe Barack needs to take a lesson or two from Bibi. Politics is not for the faint of heart, and "love of country" is just a way to hang onto the reins of power.

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