Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hey, what happened?

While I've been calming down from that last post — not to mention the consummation of that Faustian bargain I mentioned — it seems many others have been getting a bit more excited. Today's market plunge may be just more of the "volatility" which indicates that nobody knows what the hell is going on. On the other hand, it just may be that investors finally have figured out that austerity is not likely to be good for their investments.

After all, the corporate world has been sitting on its money and spending bupkes for the past couple of years, and plutocrats tossing their loose change around at Bergdoff-Goodman and Tiffany do not an economy make. When the United States joined Europe in the cult of what Krugman calls "the confidence fairy," it appears many Wall Streeters decided it was time to listen to the economists rather than the Koch brothers.

Then, of course, there's the SUPER-COMMITTEE, whoopie doo! Since the Republicans already have sworn that no tax increase supporters nor loophole closers will be appointed to their six, one supposes they are assuming at least one of the Democratic appointees will be an Obamesque anilinguist (and one assumes that we all can assume they are correct in that assumption. And, okay, I haven't calmed down all that much.)

I know I swore off making predictions a while back, and hence I will refrain — but I just can't see anything good coming out of any of this.

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