Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another reason to dump Geithner

It made the front page of the business section of yesterday's Times, but the broadcast media haven't had much to say about it: it seems that back when Timmy Geithner still was president of the New York Fed, he and his crew had a real opportunity to get the banks that bought credit default swaps from AIG to take a haircut. Some, according to the Binyamin Appelbaum, were ready to do so voluntarily. Nevertheless, Timmy ("Wall Street's Pocket Puppy") Geithner determined that American taxpayers would make good 100% of Wall Street's potential losses.

If you've been around this blog for a while, you may remember how I was especially pissed off by the AIG bailout — here, for example, and here, and here. Well, I certainly am no happier now than I was back then — in point of fact, "pissed" no longer is an adequate description of my feelings of revulsion. Now that the GAO has reported that Geithner, apparently, felt greater obligations to the banks than to the human beings rescuing them from their paroxysms of greed, I am angrier than ever — both at Geithner, and at Barack (Robert Rubin's Pocket Puppy) Obama for appointing him to Treasury.

If Obama wants to align himself with the populist perspective, and portray the Republicans (accurately) as pawns of big finance, he'd better stop being a pawn of big finance himself. Dumping Geithner would be a very good start.

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