Saturday, January 14, 2012

Anybody but...?

Willard (aka Mitt) has a problem: nobody actually likes him.

He's been doing his best, this time around, to hide his insufferable sense of entitlement. Somehow, though, it keeps leaking to the surface. As an unrivaled opportunist with no core beliefs about anything but the preservation of wealth, it is no wonder that people have a hard time warming up to him.

Has anybody asked him why he wants to be President? Perhaps there is some underlying Oedipal need to surpass his father, but to me it looks more like he genuinely feels superior to the rest of humanity, and has decided that becoming the most powerful man on Earth is his due.

No wonder nobody likes him.

In Iowa and New Hampshire, he managed to scrape together roughly a third of the votes, primarily from people who think his is the best chance to oust that socialist darkie from the White House — not because of any personal characteristics of his own. If the Republican field included a truly viable candidate to oppose him, Romney wouldn't have stood a chance — but objects in motion tend to stay in motion, and he's been in motion since 2008.

Just the same, I wish the Virginia primary were next week instead of Super Tuesday. The only candidates who filed in time to qualify for the Virginia ballot are Romney and Ron Paul. Wouldn't that be an amusing test of the "anybody but" hypothesis? Would the voters of Virginia reject the Mormon multimillionaire for a crazy old coot who wants to put us back on the gold standard and withdraw all our troops from everywhere?

Sigh. I'm afraid we'll never know.

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