Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bibi and the Bomb

So Bibi Netanyahu appeared at the United Nations with a picture of a big round bomb and drew a fat red line with a magic marker.  The Iranians, of course, were paying no attention, but the message was not aimed at Iran.

The Republicans, probably in desperation, are struggling to win over a few of Florida's elderly Jews with some TV spots meant to be alarming.  Bibi is doing his best to help his old pal Mitt, and I suppose some of those elderly Jews are elderly enough to be alarmed.

I suspect most Americans think the idea of a foreign leader messing around in American elections truly stinks.  Personally, I think Bibi truly stinks, and that even senile Jews (with the exception of Sheldon Adelson) will find it hard to mark their butterfly ballots for a Republican Mormon multimillionaire with a stick up his ass.

Anyway, I don't imagine Bibi will have much influence on the American election.  Hopefully, though, he'll have some influence on the next Israeli election, and Likud will be voted out.  (Mind you, that's not a prediction — just a hope, and not much of a hope at that.  Damn.)

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