Monday, March 4, 2013

More on sequestration, yawn...

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, who never fails to remind me of an elderly Foghorn Leghorn, has been crowing for a couple of days now.  Like a lot of other roosters, he doesn't restrict his crowing to the early morning hours, but keeps up the noise all day long.

Most recently, he's been going on about how how the sequester is no big deal, because it's just a tiny slice of the federal budget.  Yes, too bad it's kind of haphazard, but what the hell.  Budget's gotta be cut, ya know!

Personally, I don't at all mind the cuts to Defense although I feel sympathy for the people who might lose their jobs with defense contractors if the sequester goes on long enough.  The Department of Defense (they really should go back to calling it the Department of War) enters into contracts that typically last for years, and no existing contracts will be cancelled — not even for the most useless weapons systems the military doesn't even want.

Foghorn Leghorn is right in that we probably can survive the sequester, although it will further slow economic growth and prolong what for many people feels a hell of a lot like a depression.  The main hope I see for easing the gridlock in Washington is, believe it or not, Karl Rove.  Rove has mounted a new campaign to push Tea Party wack jobs out of the Republican Party, and replace them with ordinary conservatives.

We'll see how successful he is in 2014.

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