Friday, April 26, 2013

Short Subjects for Later April

Guantanamo is a military installation.  Our President is Commander in Chief.  He can Command the military to transport the remaining inmates elsewhere, and all Congress can do is jump up and down and fart loudly, as usual.  At the very least, the Yemenis should be sent back to Yemen, where we seem to have a puppet president in charge.

As for the "dangerous" ones we cannot bring to trial because all the evidence we have against them is circumstantial or confessions elicited by torture, we can just drop them off in Iraq or Afghanistan.  They'll just get involved in the inevitable civil wars, and we won't have to think about them anymore.  It's time for Obama to make good on his promise.

Reinhart and Rogoff were on the Times editorial page today, doing a "homina-homina" on their Excel error, and backing away from all the right-wingers who used their "research" to demand more and more austerity.  Meanwhile, in Europe, pretty much everybody except Angela Merkel was suggesting that, perhaps, there had been just a little too much.

After the German elections, I suspect even Merkel will come around, especially after Germany follows the rest of Europe into recession.  As for the UK, I think it could be doing at least as anemically well as the USofA were it not for the Cameron government.  Well, perhaps that might change.

I'm pretty sure, at this point, that the younger Tsarnaev kid just followed along after his big brother.  If I had to make a prediction, which I don't do anymore, I'd predict Dzhokar will wind up in a SuperMax forever and forever.  Maybe he's too cute to execute.  (Hey, rap artists! 2cute 2execute!  Go for it!)  If it were me, I might prefer to be executed — kind of like Ted Kaczynski, who still is sitting in that supermax in Colorado.  How in the hell do you sort these guys out?

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