Saturday, July 20, 2013

George and Trayvon

Why did George Zimmerman continue to follow Trayvon Martin after the police told him to stay back and let them do the investigating?  Simple.  George had a handgun and a concealed carry permit, so no matter how scary the little black boy looked to him, he figured he could blow the kid away.

Why did George Zimmerman decide Trayvon Martin was "suspicious" enough to be followed?  Just as simple.  The little black boy was, well, kind of black — and then, there was that hoodie.  Black parents across the United States, as I write this, are tossing their sons' hoodies into Salvation Army clothing collection bags.  It probably won't help.

Zimmerman likes to call himself "Hispanic" because his mother is Bolivian.   Incidentally, Bolivia is among the Latin American nations offering political asylum to Edward Snowden.  The Zimmerman side of the family, though, most likely calls Trayvon "that schwartze."  Go be Hispanic, George.

I'm not at all angry with the jury — except for that stupid bitch who arrived anonymously on CNN and told the country how her racism influenced the decision.  The problem in Florida — and in too many other states — is the law.  The law should not let vigilantes wander around with guns in their pockets and kill kids carrying Skittles and Coke.

You don't want to die over a bag of Skittles.  If Trayvon attacked George, as the prosecution maintained, Trayvon must have been very very afraid.

Very, very, very afraid.

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