Thursday, October 24, 2013

War Crimes?

Amnesty International, in Pakistan, and Human Rights Watch, in Yemen, have spent some time documenting civilian casualties from US drone strikes.  According to those two well respected organizations, there have been many, despite Obama administration claims of "pinpoint precision."  You probably heard about the old lady picking okra in the middle of a field and minding her grandchildren who was blown away with "pinpoint precision."  Obviously, she must have been a dangerous terrorist.

Amnesty says some drone attacks amount to war crimes.  I disagree.  I think war crimes require intent, whereas the "collateral damage" done by our drones is more like criminal negligence — albeit, that's bad enough.  What we really need at this point is a Chelsea Manning or Edward Snowden with access to the drone program, because the administration's lips are all zipped tight.

Americans have a right to know what kind of damage is being done in their names.

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