Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Amazing Debt Ceiling Resolution?

I suppose we might say "thank you" to John Boehner for calling the vote on a "clean" bill to increase the debt ceiling, but that might be giving him a little too much credit.  Another bout of craziness certainly would not have helped Republicans in the midterm elections, and the Republicans who joined Democrats to give us a clean bill either were in super-safe seats or had announced their retirement at the end of this Congressional session.

In the meanwhile, the crazies can rant and rage against Boehner to whip up their even crazier base, but I don't expect the Speakership will be in danger.  Attention span among the true crazies is not all that long, and they are easily distracted (by Fox News.)

The evil Obama might have been happier with another threatened debt default and, perhaps, even another credit downgrade (by a different ratings agency.)  Am I a bit cynical?

You betcha.

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