Sunday, May 11, 2014


Death in Oklahoma

If Clayton Lockett was guilty of the crime of which he was convicted, nobody deserved "cruel and unusual punishment" more than he did.  On the other hand, if we really object to "cruel and unusual punishment," he got screwed.

I wonder how many death penalty nominees don't have a usable vein.  I'm guessing there are quite a few.  I guess putting them out in front of ten or fifteen sharpshooters aiming at their hearts (one, traditionally, but not necessarily accurately, shooting a blank) is just too brutal for modern sensibilities.

If you really want to kill them, I suggest, just fucking kill them.  A single shot to the brain, delivered by the fucking governor, should do the trick.

The Climate Change Report

Why do Republicans deny human involvement in climate change?  The usual answer: money.

Exxon-Mobil, Anadarko Petrolleum, Marathon Petroleum, Haliburton, and every major coal company give almost exclusively to Republican candidates.  Oh, and let us not forget Koch Industries!

The Minimum Wage

I don't believe that anybody working full-time should have to depend on SNAP (aka food stamps).  Raising the minimum wage pushes wages higher for all lower-wage workers, and if it means the loss of the dollar menu at Micky D's, who cares?  Eaters of burgers and fries will be able to afford half a buck more for their carbs and grease.

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