Tuesday, October 14, 2014

High School Football

There was an article in yesterday's Times about the arrest of seven high school football players from Sayreville, NJ, on charges of sexual assault on at least one fourteen-year-old freshman player out in the good old locker room.  The Times pussyfooted around a bit, but it seems that three of them are charged with anally raping the kid or kids.

Sports teams are kind of like prison — sex crimes are probably more about power than about sex.  The most amazing thing about this case is that a victim was willing to speak up, rather than just waiting a few years and relaying the abuse to some younger kid.  People blame the coach, but my guess is that the coach stayed out of the locker room for fear somebody might think he was a perv.

I'm generally against contact sports, and I'm against football more than all the others.  The combination of concussions and the sense of entitlement among players seems like more than a civilized society should be willing to accept — but then, who says we're civilized?  Maybe we should just bring back gladiatorial combat.  That way, half the assholes would wind up dead at the end of the "game."

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