Friday, January 29, 2016

Less Evil?

Corporate America doesn't care whether or not blacks get equal justice, nor whether or not women have access to abortion services. It is okay with current immigration law, but wouldn't mind if it got more or less welcoming.  It has made peace with Dodd-Frank, well aware that a law is only as good as its enforcement.

People who plan to "make do" with Hillary Clinton for fear of some ideologue from a dysfunctional Republican party winning the presidency are playing right into corporate America's hands.  If Clinton becomes president, the revolving door between the SEC and Wall Street will remain firmly in place.  Some petty criminals may serve five-year sentences instead of ten, but corporate executives guilty of enormous financial crimes will continue to avoid any threat of jail, paying impressive sounding but realistically negligible fines out of the pockets of stockholders.

Military contractors will continue profiteering as our new president continues to prove her figurative "balls" by encouraging military adventurism.  (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton overcame objections from Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to take us on our ill-fated adventure in Libya, and is likely to take us back there again.)

If Hillary wins the Democratic nomination, I, personally, won't have to decide between her and, say, that little turd Rubio.  I live in New York, so I can keep my conscience clear by voting for Jill Stein of the Green Party (again.  My friends are familiar with my politically incorrect reference to Barack Obama as "Clinton in blackface."  Hillary will be "Obama in a pants suit," only more hawkish.)

In today's Times, Elizabeth Warren stopped short of endorsing Bernie Sanders, but discussed some of the political problems we would continue to face under President Hillary.  It's worth a read.

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