Tuesday, July 12, 2016

This Week's Fatalities

I watched the video of Alton Sterling's death.  He was, quite clearly, under police control when the fat cop shot him.  The cop didn't even seem in any special hurry.  "You fuck with me, I swear to God..." he shouts.  Then he unholsters his pistol, points it down at Sterling, and pulls the trigger three times.  The video image veers to the right.  Three more shots are heard.  When the image returns to Sterling, he is not quite dead.  The second cop takes a gun out of Sterling's pants pocket where, apparently, it had remained throughout the incident.

The Philando Castile video begins after the shooting is over, but the police are saying he "looked like" an armed robbery suspect — presumably one who brought his girlfriend and her four-year-old daughter along on the heist. Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton thinks Castile would not have been shot were he white.  Dayton is probably right.

According to right-wing commentators, the murder of five police officers by the Dallas sniper, Micah Johnson, is proof that black men are fundamentally evil, and hence deserve to die.  Tr*mp is calling himself the "Law and Order Candidate," just in case there happened to be any straggling racists out there who weren't already supporting him.

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