Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tr*mp Won the Popular Vote!

I figured I'd lead with a lie, in honor of Our New President.  The sad part is that the poor, self-deluded asshole probably believes it.

I attended the Women's March in Philadelphia on Saturday, and was especially pleased to see representatives of a wide variety of dissenting groups.  The women took the lead, but there were plenty of others, including environmentalists, free speech advocates, LGBT rights advocates, Black Lives Matter and immigrant rights activists, and more.  It may be that the Tr*mp presidency will do more to unite progressives than a Clinton victory could have accomplished.

It's about time.

There has been a lot of talk about "identity politics" lately.  Now we have a real opportunity to bring disparate groups together into a mass movement, rather than just assembling the factions into faux unity for the sake of an election.  Lip service to "progressive politics" is not enough.  We have to actively support each other, in letters to Congress, mass demonstrations, public outreach, and every other conceivable means to bring about real and lasting change.  Let's get started!

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