Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Fuck civility.

I don't have to be "civil" to Nazis.  I don't have to be "respectful" to white supremacists, oppressors of women, gay bashers, holy hypocrites, baby snatchers, or any of their self-serving enablers.  Kirsten Nielsen can choke on her fajita, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders can shove her cheese plate up her ass.

I don't have to feel any sympathy for the gun toting cretins in their MAGA hats, no matter how fearful or confused or flat-out stupid they happen to be.  When they parrot their despicable Fox News hatemongers, I will not be bothered to hide my disgust or restrain my contempt.

Recent actions in the service of our Psychopath-in-Chief, too numerous and too despicable to describe in this small space, have left me to choose between anger and despair.  I choose anger.  Watch out.