Thursday, November 12, 2020

About that election...


 You may feel like it's okay to take a breath now, but the stink of authoritarian populism still hangs heavy in the air.  Biden may aspire to lead a united country, but it won't be happening any time soon — if ever.  Some of the oversized American flags may come off the pickup trucks, but the American reservoir of racism and misogyny remains full to the brim, continues to spill over into the streets, and will allow Republicans to continue exploiting the divisions that make minority rule possible.

Tr*mp's supporters. whether they know it or not, are okay with fascism — and there are a hell of a lot of them.  Add in the 20% who didn't trouble themselves to vote – which probably means they figure they can live with anything – and that's a significant majority of America.  That ratio is probably neither better nor worse than what you'd find in other developed countries, human nature being what it is, but the past four years offered ample evidence that the threat of fascism in the USofA is real. 

Note:  Many Democratic strategists were shocked to discover that there is no such thing as the Latino vote.  They failed to understand that Latinos of European ancestry identify as white, and come from societies where white exploitation of of Black and Indigenous populations has been standard since 1492.  Many who fled socialism in Cuba or Venezuela were part of that privileged, lighter complected elite, and naturally are drawn to a Republican perspective.  Lumping all "Latinos" together is racist.

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