Friday, January 22, 2010


Let's hope so.

It seems that Rahm and I think alike — well, not that much alike, but enough so that Our President, yesterday, came out with what I asked for on Wednesday. Obama now appears to be an an anti-big-bank populist — and please note the emphasis on the word "appears."

The official story is that Summers and Geithner were working on it — under the genial and gerontological guidance of Paul Volcker — for months. Yeah, right. If they'd actually believed in restraining the banks, you'd think they might have gotten it out before they lost Vote Number 60 in Massachusetts. You'd also have thought they would have spent less time dumping on Volcker over the past few months.

Summers has to go. Maybe Geithner can stay, considering how he's a total wimp who will take whatever orders he is given. Mind you, I haven't forgotten how Volcker brought on the recession of the early eighties (not to mention the collapse of a few emerging economies) with his tight money policies, but what the hell — presumably it got us out of the stagflation, and Carter would have lost anyway (yes, I believe in Reagan's secret deal with the Ayatollah — a belief reinforced by Iran-Contra.)

So let's see what happens. If it's just a lot of wind, I'll be disappointed, but not surprised. If you want me behind you, Barack, just do the right thing.

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