Saturday, January 30, 2010

State of...

I've been digesting the State of the Union address for a few days, not that there was all that much to digest in it. The most important thing about it, as far as I can see, is that the president came across as likable. It's hard to hate a guy who seems so nice.

Okay, the teabaggers won't have been converted, but those alleged "independents" who've been drifting away from Obama in recent months may be inclined to drift back a bit. In my experience, most "independents" are people who don't know a damned thing about politics or policy, but make their political decisions based on their perceptions of a candidate's personality.

Take, for example, those nitwits in Massachusetts. Brown, you see, was a "regular guy" — while Coakley was, well, Coakley. It didn't have anything to do with health care, or the Democratic party, or anything else the pundits have been prattling on about. It was a matter of personalities, pure and simple.

Want to be elected to office? Smile a lot. Make a few self-deprecating jokes. Don't sound too intellectual. The "independent" vote will be yours.

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