Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Elizabeth Warren???!!! :-)

About a minute ago, NPR mentioned Elizabeth Warren as a possible nominee for the Supreme Court. I jumped up and down, yelled "Whoopie," and came directly here to post.

Elizabeth Warren actually cares about the poor. Elizabeth Warren has offered more valuable insights into the disintegration of the American middle class than almost anybody. Elizabeth Warren is brilliant, articulate, and (from my perspective) hot. (Okay, I've had a big crush on her since I read The Two-Income Trap six years ago, and then saw her on the Daily Show.)

Needless to say, she won't get the nomination. The GOP would never let her be confirmed — and the Obama administration would never stop sucking up to Wall Street long enough to give her a chance. Personally, I think that's dreadful — but dreadful is par for the course these days.

Sigh. (I do a lot of sighing these days.)

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