Thursday, August 5, 2010

Elizabeth Warren and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Regular readers of this blog probably recall that I have a bit of a crush on Elizabeth Warren. I would have happily supported her for the Supreme Court seat that went to Elena Kagan, and she'd have my full support if she decided to mount a primary contest against Barack Obama in 2012.

If Obama fails to nominate her to lead the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — the very same bureau she conceived and fought for — I will be even more pissed at him than I am now. We need Elizabeth Warren in a position of real power.

Some say she doesn't have the "experience" to be an effective bureaucrat. Perhaps that's true, but the experience to become an effective bureaucrat is experience at licking assholes. There are a great many assholes in government, banking, and financial services — and they already are being thoroughly licked. We need someone to come along and shove something very hard, large, and bumpy up those assholes. It's time for them to feel some pain.

Stop being a pussy, Barack. All it's done is reduce your approval ratings. If you turn out to be a one-term president, which looks increasingly likely, at least you should be able to leave saying you'd done something (and I'm not talking about that giveaway to the insurance industry commonly called "Obamacare.")

Elizabeth Warren for President! Hooray!


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