Saturday, December 4, 2010

Uncle Tom's White House

Years ago, my ex had a little black girl in her art class who wouldn't share her crayons. When asked why, she said, "Mama says don't share your crayons because they'll just take 'em and they'll still call you nigger." Mama, of course, was right.

So, our President proposed freezing all non-military (and non-legislative, of course) federal workers' salaries for two years. In exchange for what?

As far as anybody can tell, in exchange for nothing. He just pissed off some of the few people left who don't hold him in total contempt on the off chance that he might Tom his way into the good graces of a teabagger or two. Good luck, asshole, but you ought to know they'll just take your crayons and call you nigger anyway. It's a shame your Mama was a white anthropologist instead of a black factory worker. Maybe you'd know better.

In the meanwhile, it seems pretty clear that the Republicans are determined that nothing shall be allowed to improve the employment picture over the next two years. Bernanke's quantitative easing won't do anything but make it cheaper for business to buy the hardware and software that will replace human workers. Mind you, I don't think that's what he's had in mind — I think he just felt he had to do something, and since a Republican House means that fiscal stimulus no longer is remotely possible, he figured that QE2 was worth a shot. Personally, I think it could do more harm than good, but I can't fault him for making the attempt. He strongly suggested that a fiscal rather than a monetary approach was needed, but nobody was listening — including a few turncoat Democrats, among whom is a pathetic wimp who just keeps giving away his crayons.

Some people are starting to talk about a Democratic primary in 2012. Me, I'd be happy to support Jan Schakowsky, figuring that Dennis Kucinich is just a little too well known. If all it did was remind Obama that he'd better suck up to a few progressives — not just conservatives — it might be worth the trouble. Losing the presidency in 2012 would not be too big a deal if all we lost was Obama.

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