Saturday, July 30, 2011


According to a teaser from my local NBC station, "The East Side Groper Strikes Again!"

Gee! Somebody was groped, and he/she was not the first! Very upsetting, indeed!

In the meanwhile, Boehner got a bill past the House by adding a totally crazy balanced budget amendment requirement, and the Senate shot it down. The House, in turn, shot down Harry Reid's allegedly "Democratic" bill, making way for a "compromise" somewhere between the right wing and the starboard side of a flat earth.

Apparently, this is okay with Obama, who made it perfectly clear that he is far too cowardly to invoke the 14th Amendment — or even just common sense. (Common sense suggests that once Congress has spent the money, it is obliged to pay the bill — because a default is the equivalent of declaring bankruptcy. Clearly, the United States cannot be bankrupt while so many of its citizens and corporations have so much wealth.)

And, so, I guess the "warring parties" will get something together before 8/2 replaces 9/11 as the low point in American history. Given the most recent GDP figures, though, one hopes that European style austerity can be delayed for a while — say, five or six years. Otherwise, it's really looking like 1937 all over again.

Anyway, if you think getting groped might actually make you feel better than the rest of what's in the news, head over to the East Side. Maybe you'll get lucky.

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