Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Schadenfreude? You betcha!

For a few minutes, there, I was hoping Fox News might be caught up in the scandal — but then it occurred to me that Fox doesn't actually do news. They don't have to. Fox subsists on its ability to mirror the perspective of its viewers, reinforcing what they already believe. Fox isn't a tabloid — it's an echo chamber.

If Rupert's boy James deserves to spend some time in jail, and that causes the old man some discomfort and leads to a fracturing of the Murdoch empire, I can't say I'd be terribly upset. If it turns out that young Murdoch, Rebecca Brooks, Lee Hinton, Andy Coulson et al all can maintain their plausible deniability, and manage to duck their responsibility for the hacking, bribery of police, etc., that's also okay with me — at least if there's enough of a tempest in the Murdoch teapot to restrain Rupert's coterie of asslicking politicians until the old man finally dies.

(If the Wall Street Journal is sold to somebody who can restore its journalistic integrity — even with its rabid-right editorial pages intact — that would be especially welcome!)

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