Friday, February 12, 2016


Tr*mp in NH
I don't get it.  Why is roughly 30% of the vote spoken of as such a "big win?"  The problem for the Republicans is not so much Tr*mp as the sheer numbers of the remaining midgets.  If the party could just decide on a "not Tr*mp," or even a "neither Tr*mp nor Cruz," it might start to get its act together.

Could it be that Citizens United is damaging the Republican Party?  It's hard to drop out of the race when you still have so many millions of bucks supporting your lame efforts, and it's dead certain the guys running those superPACs will want to hang on until all the money paying their large salaries is gone.

Hillary in Milwaukee
I caught last night's debate on the radio, rather than TV, and I think it made it easier to just listen.  What I heard was Hillary trying very hard to shore up her black "firewall" — but it remains to be seen just how successful she was.  Her attempt to portray Bernie as "an enemy of Obama" was almost pathetic.

Ta-Nehisi Coates and Cornell West have endorsed Bernie.  Larry Wilmore and the crew of "the Nightly Show" are clearly behind him.  What will Reverend Al decide?

Gun-toting crazies
The siege at Malheur is over, but even better, Cliven Bundy's ass is in jail!  Cliven could face "up to" 40 years in prison, but I still want to know why he, his sons, and the rest of their private army are being charged under U.S. Code Chapter 42 §1985 (1 Preventing officer from performing duties) rather than the far more precise U.S. Code Chapter 115 §2381 (Treason), §2383 (Rebellion or Insurrection) and §2384 (Seditious Conspiracy).

The most recent uses of §1985 were against unarmed anti-war protesters who lay down on the floor of a military recruiting office and against unarmed animal rights activists who interfered in the culling of mountain lions.  Does the Justice Department maintain that the armed occupation of government property is no more serious than those unarmed protests, or is it genuinely intimidated by the assault rifles and American flags of the occupiers and their supporters around the country?

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