Monday, February 8, 2016

Rubio pwnd

I've never used the internet slang "pwnd" before, and for all I know, the term became obsolete while I wasn't watching (which I wasn't.)  Nevertheless, it seems to express perfectly the degree of public humiliation Marco Rubio suffered at the hands of Chris Christie Saturday night.

I wasn't planning to watch the debate, but nothing else on television appealed to me at the moment, so I turned it on just in time to watch Christie rattle Rubio so badly that I (a) laughed out loud and (b) even felt slightly sorry for the poor little twerp.  What mattered, of course, was not what happened on the debate stage, but what the news media would do with it afterwards.  Like me, most of America (including New Hampshire) was seeking more entertaining fare, and most viewers were willing to be entertained by back-to-back reruns of ten-year-old sitcoms, or whatever else was on.

The press pounced, and the Rubio campaign staff currently is crossing fingers and hoping the Super Bowl creates enough distraction so that most New Hampshire voters won't see the news until Wednesday.  I don't think it will happen, but I suppose some voters (elderly women?) will feel so sorry for "bubble boy" they'll vote for him despite (or because of) his total screw-up.

The line he repeated four times actually is a pretty good line, maintaining that Obama did not merely fumble due to youth and inexperience (like Rubio's), but because he genuinely intended to destroy our "American way of life."  It's an idiotic idea, of course, but probably pretty effective with voters who believe the Muslim who was born in Africa is the leader of an internal terror network.

Most significant, though, is that Rubio's poor performance demonstrated that he wouldn't stand up too well against either Hillary or Bernie.  The most significant GOP threat to Democratic control of the White House looks a lot less scary now.

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