Friday, December 30, 2016

It's Time for a One-State Solution

Israel is an apartheid state.  Mahmoud Abbas has no more real power over Palestinian areas than tribal chiefs had over South Africa's "Bantustans" in the 1980s.  Workers are funneled through barrier walls to provide cheap labor for Israeli businesses.  The expansion of settlements into the West Bank continues apace. Functionally, there is only one state: the "two-state solution" is a chimera.

It is time to stop paying lip service to bygone fantasies, and recognize the facts on the ground: there is only one state, and that state is Israel.  In that state, a large minority is denied the rights and privileges of citizenship, an unjust situation that must end.  Just as the world pressured the government of apartheid South Africa to recognize the natural rights of its black population, it must pressure Israel to recognize the rights of its Palestinian minority.  Nothing but full Israeli citizenship for West Bank Palestinians will suffice, including voting rights and all the legal protections that citizenship provides.

Jews have their own history with marginalization and repression.  If Israelis choose to forget the history of the Jewish people, it no longer can call itself a Jewish State.

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adam said...

Are you kidding? (I am a long time friend of Gary) I am so sick of anti Israel bullshit. If you want a history lesson about Gaza or the West Bank or Golan, the region and how middle eastern oil money funneled to Madison Ave created the "" palestinians" just ask...Gaza= eqypt....WB-=Jordon= created by Brits....truth, honesty my stake is genocide, Again....the 47 muslim countries laugh at how everyone dumps on Israel.