Friday, April 18, 2008

Elitist? Moi?

Those who know me may be surprised to learn that I'm not an elitist.

Really. I'm not. Granted, I seldom trouble to hide my sense of intellectual superiority to 99% of humanity, but that's not elitism. An elitist is somebody who identifies with an elite group, buying into a collective identity of group superiority.

Well, anybody as superior as I am wouldn't dream of buying into any sort of collective identity -- which is not to say that I'm incapable of identification. Hell, I cry at the movies. It's just that I identify with individuals -- lots of individuals -- but not with groups.

Anyway, that hardly matters because I'm not running for President. The guy with the elitism problem at the moment is Barack Obama, thanks to his "misstatements" at a gathering of true elitists in San Francisco.

Wha chu talkin' bout, Barack?

Here's my intellectually superior take on it: Obama resorted to elitist stereotyping of the great white proletariat as a way of assuring the rich liberal twits at his fundraiser that he is one of them, not just some clever young black man with big ears and a slightly unsavory Chicago past. Does he believe the stereotypes he spewed? Who can say? But if he really doesn't believe them, that doesn't make him innocent -- it just makes him dishonest.

Barack, though, probably has a pretty good idea of what he really believes -- unlike Hillary, who's spent entirely too many years with Bill. It's a genuine shame the rich liberal twits always get to decide who gets the Democratic nomination, because the Democratic Party is supposed to represent those of us who aren't rich. Well, that's life in 21st century America -- and as I've observed previously, I'd vote for Zippy the Chimp over John McCain.

Okay. If John McCain turns out to be our next President, it might not be all bad. Hell, Hoover wasn't all that bad because he cleared the path for FDR -- and we really don't need either Obama or Clinton: we need FDR!

(And, as my dead relatives used to say, I should live so long!)

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