Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bibi plays the race card (again)

Bibi stirred up a shit storm of paranoia and racism in the final days of the election, mirroring the game plan of his Republican allies in the United States.  Oy, gevalt, Arab citizens are voting!  Feel afraid, very afraid!  Democracy (it should be understood) is not to be trusted.

Ignore the fact that Arabs are just 20% of the population, and that they refuse to form coalitions with any of the "Jewish" parties because that would imply some level of approval of the occupation of the West Bank and the destruction of Gaza.  Arabs voting has to be dangerous.

Now that Bibi has come right out and said there will be no two-state solution (not that there ever was any real doubt where he stood), I suppose we can expect settlement expansion to accelerate.  Europeans, who recognize apartheid when they see it, will become even less supportive of Israel.  It really ought to be time for the USofA scratch its ass and say, "Well, duh, yeah, it looks a whole lot like apartheid to us too."  Will it happen?


The USofA will continue to mouth platitudes about the creation of a Palestinian state, but the solution to apartheid is not establishing a string of powerless, "self-governing" Arabic-speaking Bantustans and calling it a country.  The solution is full integration of all Palestinians into the Israeli state, with all the rights and opportunities of full citizenship.

It might not be a "Jewish state" anymore, but, at least, it would be a democracy.

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