Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bibi Speaks

I'll keep this short. Bibi Netanyahu came to Washington to bolster his tough-guy image in Israel and to land a body blow on Our President (aka "the schwartze") in aid of the Republic Party.  Get rid of the Dems, he figures, and the destruction of Iran is assured.

In case you hadn't noticed, the only possible alternatives to negotiation Bibi offered were truly crippling sanctions and military action.  Stronger sanctions and existential threats will leave Iran with no logical alternative but to hurriedly develop its nuclear capacity.  After all, Israel is believed to have upwards of 100 atomic warheads, and the means to deliver them.  If Iran resisted a conventional attack, would Bibi go nuclear?

Maybe.  The Evangelicals in the USofA would love that.  Their support for Israel arises out of their hope that the "End Times" soon will be upon us.  They figure on rapturing out and leaving the rest of us to deal with the mess left behind.

And a mess it certainly would be.

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