Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Just Wondering

Just wondering: why would a gay couple insist on hiring a baker with strong religious objections to gay marriage to perch two grooms on top of their wedding cake, or an antagonistic photographer to record the happy event?  One would not anticipate the yummiest fillings between the layers or the most flattering portraiture under such circumstances.

I haven't seen the text of Indiana's new "religious freedom" legislation, but I suspect it's just another example of political pandering; and I'm willing to give Mike Pence and the Indiana legislature a chance to "clarify" the "intent" of the law, and show us all that it's non-discriminatory.  In the meanwhile, maybe everybody should relax a little, and just wait and see.

The Co-pilot
Just wondering: given that Andreas Lubitz was suicidal, why did he decide to take 149 others along with him instead of just crashing one of the gliders he liked to fly into the side of a mountain?  Needless to say, I don't expect an answer to that question.

Lubitz notwithstanding, commercial flight remains extremely safe, albeit uncomfortable and often demeaning.  Should rules be changed?  Perhaps, but sometimes changing the rules makes things worse rather than better.  Let's give overheated heads a chance to cool a bit before taking action.

New York's Budget
Just wondering: why did Andrew Cuomo make little or no effort on behalf of State Senate candidates in the last election, when a bit more effort might have resulted in a Democratic majority in both houses of the legislature?  Did he want a Republican Senate to restrain him from actions that might have been seen as too liberal to support his presidential aspirations?

New York might have had an increased minimum wage, real anti-corruption programs, and real improvement in public education.  Now, alas, it looks like just more business as usual.

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