Monday, November 2, 2015


According to today's Times, Ted Cruz believes the Republican nomination will come down to a showdown between himself and Marco Rubio. He may be right, although I suspect John Kasich also might be in the mix. It's becoming increasingly obvious, even to the Republican base, that Ben Carson is a lovely gentleman, a talented neurosurgeon, and a complete idiot; and that Trump is, well, Trump.

There also is talk about Rubio or Cruz attracting some of the "Hispanic" vote. That won't happen. Back in 1969, Alan Arkin starred in "Popi," a charming film about a Puerto Rican single father who tries to pass off his young sons as Cuban refugees to get them access to the special advantages Cubans received from the US government. Well, screenwriters Tina and Lester Pine certainly got that one right, as non-Cuban Latinos are well aware.  There is not a hell of a lot of sympathy for Uncle Sam's favorites out there in Latino America.

If it really does come down to Cruz vs. Rubio, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.  Right now, Cruz has a lot more money, especially from superPACs; but if Jeb! continues to stumble, a lot of his support may go to Rubio.  I also continue to believe that the "guapo factor" (keeping it Latino) could make all the difference.  Rubio is so cute you want to pinch his cheeks; Cruz looks like he'd like to bite off your nose.  Also, as a commentator whose name I can't remember said with regard to Cruz last week, "Everybody hates him."

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