Friday, November 9, 2012

Oh, bloody hell

It seems that war "hero" and current CIA director David Petraeus has been doing some extramarital screwing around.  So what?  His wife probably is a lovely woman, but she has all the physical appeal of the Pillsbury doughboy.  Yes, I'm a little curious to learn a bit about the "biographer" he's been shagging, but, what the hell?  Our curiosity need not be satisfied, and seeing Petraeus gone, all by itself, is just fine with me.

Also gone, it seems, will be Hillary Clinton, who has been doing a very competent job, and Timmy Geithner, who has been pretty much a disaster.  I want to see the ass ends of the entire Robert Rubin team swirling around the toilet on their ways towards sewerland.  Granted, I don't expect to see Robert Reich appointed to Treasury, much less Joseph Stigletz, albeit I'm pretty sure neither of them is illicitly banging any biographers and/or pole dancers.

So, as we approach the alleged fiscal cliff, we just must hold our breaths.  Boehner is making noises like he's hanging tough; the Tea Party types re-elected to the House have no political reasons to change position given the genetic deficiencies of their supporters; and Obama long has appeared far too amenable to bargaining away the safety net for the sake of Wall Street.  All our hopes must be placed in the hope that the president might have a backbone somewhere within his slippery political exoskeleton, and a couple of genuine "community organizer" inclinations.

Oh, bloody hell.

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