Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Short subjects for November

Allen West, America's favorite Tea Party Negro, finally admitted he lost his bid for a second term in the House.  On the other hand, he has not yet admitted to being a moron, despite his loss to newcomer Patrick Murphy after outspending the former Republican by four to one.  Does Murphy count as a Democratic gain in the House?  Well, he's not nearly as liberal as Nixon, but then neither is Obama.

Israel is losing the media war, having killed a shitload of Gazan children while losing none of its own.  Killing children never is good PR — something to which Our President should pay attention as his drone strikes kill children in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and wherever else the CIA has been transformed into a paramilitary organization.  Just because drone strikes don't put American soldiers in peril doesn't mean they don't put America in peril.  After every strike, more people hate our guts.

The fiscal cliff, it seems, is not a cliff — it is more of a bluff.  Wall Street, apparently, has received word that nothing it will mind too much is likely to happen.  Walmart and some other megacompanies have moved up their dividend payments to late December instead of early January, so it looks like taxes on dividends really will go up.  All the stock sales that depressed the market earlier last week might mean the capital gains rate might go back up to 20%, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Timmy Geithner soon will be leaving Treasury, and far less than a few moments too soon — but who will replace him?  If Obama nominates Erskine Bowles, Obama will be further down my shit list than ever before.  How about Sheila Bair?  Hell, she's a Republican, and a hell of a lot more reasonable and intelligent than most of the Obama coterie.  Let's validate responsible Republicans.

Thanksgiving always has been my favorite holiday.  I'm looking forward to mine.  May yours be joyous.

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