Monday, November 5, 2012


As regular readers know, I am not a great admirer of President Obama.  Living in a "safe" Democratic state, I was feeling entirely comfortable about voting for Green Party candidate Jill Stein for president.  After all, I'm pretty much in total agreement with the Green platform.  So, why not?

Then, I turned on the TV tonight, and I saw Romney grinning his grin and rolling his eyes and tilting his head and turning my stomach.  I saw ads from Restore Our Future and Crossroads GPS, and it occurred to me that while I'm not a great admirer of Obama, I still like him a hell of a lot better than Mitt.  If I vote for Jill Stein, I'm wondering, am I equating Obama and Romney?  That certainly is not my intention.

Hey, how about that?  I'm an undecided voter!  Honestly, I didn't think we existed!

Unlike a lot of so-called undecided voters, though, I'll go to the polls tomorrow.  While my vote for president essentially doesn't matter, I've got a Congressman in a hardscrabble fight to keep his seat, and an absurdly corrupt state legislature where my selections just might make a difference.  (Okay, that's extremely unlikely.  Whoever I vote for probably will be just as corrupt as his opponent, and all the rest of them.)

Tomorrow, I think I'll just leave the TV turned off — except, maybe, for John Stewart and Stephan Colbert.  Whoever wins, I reckon I'll need a laugh.

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Tony said...


Living in one of the 38 non-swing states where my vote doesn't matter either, I decided to vote for Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party candidate.

One of the things that will help (certainly not fix) our current political situation will be the need for a VIABLE 3rd party candidate.

So I hope that I created a situation where my vote mattered by giving Johnson 5% of the vote so the Libertarians can get matching funds next time around.

Because as the "Skeptical Libertarian" posted on their FaceBook page...

"After their computers predicted that the Democrats will keep the Senate, the Republicans will keep the house, and Obama will win Pennsylvania, a Fox News analyst said, "Well, it looks like after all this time and the billions of dollars spent on campaigning, everything is going to stay exactly the same."

...Yeah dude, I coulda told you that."

so what changed...NOTHING!!!

Warm Regards,

Tony Rovere