Thursday, November 1, 2012

Romney Responds to Sandy

Indeed, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Here is Mitt Romney, "responding" to Superstorm Sandy.  What fun!  Yes, this is the "free market," privatized version of FEMA.  Just in case you are thinking it was a nice "gesture," bear in mind that Romney's small pyramid of chicken noodle soup from Ohio won't make it to the Northeast for weeks — if ever.

(That teen on the right looks so excited!  What happened next?  Was she reaching out to squeeze the candidate's Charmin?  And the distraught looking women in the background — were they agonizing over whether anybody in the Greater New York area actually would consume Spam or canned vegetables?  Well, ladies, maybe it would be better to send it to a red state.)

(But what about Christie???!!!)

Far be it from me to have any certainty of what might be passing through the thoughts of New Jersey's larger-than-life Republican governor, but...  I can guess.  Hence, what follows is just a guess, not a prediction.  (I don't do predictions anymore.)

I'm guessing that Christie is figuring that Romney will lose.  I'm guessing that Christie is figuring that there will be no strong Democratic candidate in 2016.  I'm guessing that Christie is figuring there will be no strong Republican candidate in 2016 -- except, maybe, Christie...

Bipartisan?  Bullshit.  Will it be Cuomo v. Christie?  Christ, will it be two Northeastern governors snarking around against each other?  Unlikely.

Just keep the soup coming, Cletus and Annalee.  Wall Street can't run on generator power forever.  It needs chicken noodle.

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