Sunday, December 20, 2020

Darkest December


What will become of the Republican Party?  Will the Tr*mpists stay in power, solidifying its drift towards fascism?  Will the more "moderate" neoliberal corporatists regain power?  (Unlikely.)  Will Republican corporatists abandon the GOP and find common cause with Democratic neoliberal corporatists?  If that happens, what becomes of the progressives, who make up (according to Bernie) about 40% of the Democratic Party, and so about 20% of voters?

Historically, corporate interests (think Krupp and I.G.Farben) have been far more accommodative of fascism than of anything smacking of socialism.  Mind you, this is not a prediction: just one of a number of things I've found to worry about lately.  Another worry is Tr*mp choking on a Whopper (pun intended) and dropping dead.  "Murdered" by the "deep state," he becomes Christlike to his conspiracy-addled followers.  Tr*umpism becomes a religion, zealously protected by Tr*mp's Supreme Court, and we're in big trouble.

That kind of thinking has no place in a reality-based blog; but reality is more than a little screwy these days.  It's also possible that the Democrats could win both seats in Georgia, and Biden could appoint Stacey Abrams Attorney General; and she could order a review of the redactions of the Mueller report, possibly satisfying a lot of curiosity.  The biggest problem of dealing with now is that the possibilities are endless, and the chance of making any kind of accurate prediction is negligible.

Add in an underwhelming "relief package" from Congress, and Biden could still find a superspreading homeless encampment on the front lawn of the White House when he moves in.  Or not.  That's the problem with reality-based blogging these days: too much reality.  Any internally consistent explanation of what's going on is most likely a conspiracy theory, whether or not you're inclined to believe it.

A very merry Winter Solstice to all, the time of the year when the days start getting brighter.  Fingers crossed.

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