Monday, January 4, 2021



I've been trying to tune out the Opera for a while, but it's impossible.  Yes, I suppose I'll be watching the election returns from Georgia tomorrow night.  Just as significant will be the Tr*mpists' decision to force every Republican member of Congress to go on record as pro- or anti-Tr*mp when they vote to accept or reject the Biden victory on Wednesday — a move that might lead to a schism within the party that has lasting repercussions.  McConnell is very unhappy about that.

That bizarre Tr*mp-Raffensperger telephone tape has a lot of people wondering if Tr*mp actually believes the fantasies he's been promulgating, given how bizarre his behavior has been lately.  My guess is that his cognitive dissonance is raging, but he still can't accept the idea of being a loser.  Fred Tr*mp has a lot to answer for in hell.

As if the Senate and the Electoral College weren't enough, the vaccine rollout truly points out the weakness of our federal system of government.  I'd say it were time for a Constitutional Convention if I had any confidence in the people who would wind up writing the new one.  Anyway, it looks like Tr*mp the Opera is headed for a finale.  For Wagner, though, just one opera was never enough.  Let's hope the next one doesn't have too many Aryan warriors in the cast.

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